About us

Implementing a renewable energy is an important and complex problem that many organizations are faced with. In trying to figure out what the best 'solution' is for your given environment you will be faced with a number of 'best of breed' service providers that deal with specific problems and requirements. At OurblueDot our approach is to work with multiple service providers to not only solve 'a' specific requirement but to implement an end-to-end, innovative sustainable energy solution.

Mission Statement

On February 14th 1990 (Valentine’s day), the Voyager 1 space probe took a photograph of Earth from a distance of 6 billion Kilometres. Against the vastness of space, our planet appears as a tiny blue dot. Carl Sagan, the NASA controller on that day, was so intrigued by the photograph that he wrote a book called “Pale Blue Dot”.

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Our Services


Implementing the right sustainable energy solution for your environment can be a daunting experience. There are a number of service providers offering a range of products, but none that provide a total solution.


At OurblueDot we don't just talk about the best renewable energy solutions for your environment, we actually work with you to implement it. Our implementation service ensures that the objectives we defined together during the advisory phase are realized.

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